A unique piece of art created just for you

A commission is a special piece of art created just for you based on your requirements. Whether it’s a scene or a landscape that holds a fond memory or a portrait to commemorate, celebrate or immortalise a person I enjoy the challenge commissions provide and the satisfaction and joy clients receive.

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Materials Oil on canvas
Size 18″x14″
Commission Landscape
Time taken 1-2 months

Memorable Landscapes

My work is heavily influenced by the Impressionists and post-impressionists with an emphasis on bold brushstrokes, colours and textures. A lot of my work features water (the advantage of living near many lochs and rivers!) and night scenes and I work principally from photographs in my studio. Previous clients have requested scenes featuring castles, beaches, seascapes and even a bar!

Timeless Portraits 

Portraits are a wonderful and unique way to celebrate, commemorate and immortalise a person or people. A truly unique gift!