An evening at the Grand Central Hotel


I was honoured to be a finalist for Portrait Competition hosted by The Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow and The Herald Newspaper.

Out of 100 entries, I was one of the lucky final 22 to be in line for the prize. 


“”Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.””

John F Kennedy

The competition required entrants to paint a famous face from the hotel’s illustrious guest list of the past including Billy Connelly, Marilyn Monroe, John F Kennedy and John Lennon to name a few.

 I was honoured that my painting of the 35th President of the United States of America John F. Kennedy made the final. 

The portrait was painted in oils using a reference photo from a previous image from Time Magazine and Kennedy has always fascinated me since I learnt about him at school.

My portrait featured in an image in The Herald Newspaper on the 28th August 2019 on page 3!

I sadly didn’t win the big prize but I extend my congratulations to Gordon Irving who won for his outstanding portrait of Billy Connolly and Luke Wilson for his portrait of Nat King Cole who came in second.