Trauma: now on public display!


MARCH, 2021

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Blood Donation

Trauma: now on public display outside the Marryat Hall, Caird Hall, Dundee – DONATE BLOOD or get the COVID-19 vaccine when it’s your turn to see it!

I am thrilled that “Trauma” is now on display outside the Marryat Hall in the Caird Hall. After months of planning and working closely with the excellent staff at Leisure and Culture Dundee, I am delighted that this painting will greet patients who arrive to give blood or receive their COVID-19 vaccine at Caird Hall.

 As a member of the Dundee Symphony Orchestra I have performed at Caird Hall for many years however unfortunately because of the pandemic we haven’t been able to perform a concert here since November 2019 nor have we rehearsed together since March last year.

Trauma on display 

Marryat Hall, Caird Hall, Dundee

During this period the Caird Hall has transformed as the Dundee Blood Donor Centre @givebloodnhs and recently as the NHS Tayside COVID-19 vaccination centre.

Trauma and Orthopaedic patients often require blood transfusions as a consequence of blood loss due to their injuries or surgery and by donating blood you are making a huge difference in the outcome of these patients.

We simply couldn’t do our jobs without the generosity of individuals who donate blood.  Furthermore, as uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine increases, the path to the end of the pandemic comes ever closer!

“I can think of no better place for my painting for the foreseeable future than at this vitally important location for both blood donation and COVID-19 vaccination.”

My grateful thanks to all the staff at Dundee Leisure and Culture for all your effort and assistance throughout and a massive thank you to Andy ay @rainbowframing for your absolutely phenomenal frame – you are a true genius!

For more information on:
Donating blood visit

COVID-19 Vaccine rollout in Tayside – visit

BBC News. Saturday 6th March 2021