Other Landscapes

Landscapes inspired by Scotland and beyond. On mobile devices, tap near the bottom of the painting to see the title and year of the work which will appear before the pop-up image loads. Please contact info@afaulknerart.com if you are interested in purchasing an artwork.


The majestic east coast of Scotland and the place I call home.


Scotland at Night Series 

The beauty of Scotland’s countryside and cities captured at night when their colours are the most vibrant


Commissions and other works

Commissions take many varied and interesting forms and I love the challenge of painting something new. Here are examples of previous commissions and other works I have undertaken.


Bridges of Scotland Series

The elegance, beauty and engineering of some of Scotland’s iconic bridges provide ample inspiration


A Year in the Highlands 2017-2018

During my attachment at Raigmore Hospital, Inverness I found the local scenery captivating and inspiring